Journalist: Alibeaj’s two candidacies show that DP is moving away from Berishism

Journalist Poli Hoxha said in an interview for Euronews Albania that Alibeaj’s two candidacies show that the Democratic Party (DP) is making steps towards completely removing Berishism.

“All this started for Mr. Berisha. The whole issue is that this Democratic Party will continue even through the window, even if far away, it will continue with Berishism and with Berisha as the United States of America asked them from the beginning.

There is a strong battle to go to the end without being worried about how many votes they will get in the end; whether they’ll come out second, third, or first. Their goal is simply to go to the end of this so that after May 15 a party will emerge without Berisha and without Berishism,” said Hoxha.

Sources for Euronews Albania inform that Roland Bejko and Jonila Godole are the two names that were proposed during the presidency meeting to be candidates for Tirana Municipality.