France and Germany ready to resume the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue in Paris

Latest update: 25/06/2020 - 21:05
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France and Germany are expecting for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue to resume soon, as it was written on a Twitter post by the French Embassy in Kosovo.

“France and Germany expect Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia to resume soon. Together with Chancellor Merkel, President Macron remains ready to host a summit in Paris.”


German Ambassador to Kosovo Christian Heldt also expressed the same expectation, saying that France and Germany are encouraging the reopening of the dialogue.

“Important commitment to dialogue, France and Germany encourage keeping momentum. We fully support the EU efforts with Miroslav Lajcak to achieve substantial progress in tangible time frame for comprehensive settlement. Our governments stand ready to be helpful with proposed meeting in July,” writes Ambassador Christian Heldt.

French President Emmanuel Macron, said that the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia must resume during the summit in Paris, which is expected to be held in July. 


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