Criminal process at The Hague begins for Kosovo’s former president Hashim Thaçi



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Criminal process at The Hague begins for Kosovo’s former president Hashim Thaçi

The former President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, appeared in front of prosecutors at the special court at The Hague.

Today he will formally learn the charges against him.

The former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Armz was initially asked whether he comprehended the charges against him.

“I heard and read the charges and I hereby dismiss the charges against me”, responded Thaçi.

The head of state said during his word that he convinced of his innocence, while referring to the indictment as “completely inconsistent”.

“The indictment is completely inconsistent and I am innocent. I repeat: the charges are inconsistent; I hereby declare my innocence on all charges and refer to the indictment as inconsistent. Thank you”, stated Thaçi.

Thaçi’s attorney, David Hooper, took a harsh stance on the special court’s practices against his client as he underlined that the process began without warning the defense counsel.



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