First meeting of Kurti administration: Our main task, electing the new President



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After being handed over the office of Kosovo’s new PM, Albin Kurti held his first ceremonial meeting today, with his cabinet and administration. During his speech, Kurti asked the newly appointed ministers for dedication and prompt decision-making. Kurti emphasized that the main priorities and challenges of the executive board are the pandemic and the economic recovery. However, the main task of the new institutions of Kosovo, is the election of the new President.

“Vjosa Osmani is the name that got over 300 thousand votes; therefore, it is clear that the election of our next president should happen promptly and with the collaboration of the opposition,” stated Kurti.

This request also came from countries of the Quint, which through a congratulating message for the election of the new administration, reminded Kurti that the election of the new president should be a priority.

“At a time of a pandemic and economic challenges, Kosovo needs a determined leader and functional government institutions that ensure stability, including the presidency. Addressing these challenges will require the leaders of the political parties and elected MPs to put the needs of the citizens of Kosovo first, and over their political interests; they will also require the opposition and the government to work together for their mutual priorities; the first task should be the election of the new president,” said the statement of Quint.

The VV movement has nominated Vjosa Osmani for this post. However, Osmani lacks the support of the opposition parties PDK and AAK, whereas the party she was formerly an adherent of, LDK is still unclear on its position and whether they will vote for or against Osmani.

Meanwhile, the parties of the non-Serbian communities have expressed their support for Osmani. According to the Constitution, during the two first rounds of voting, Osmani needs to win two-thirds of the votes from a total of 120 MPs in the Kosovar Parliament. In addition, during the third round, the one that gets elected president should get the majority of 61 MPs, seeing that at least 80 MPs participate in the voting round. If the third round fails, the country is led into snap elections.

67 MPs voted for the Albin Kurti administration, which has formed its new executive board with parties of the non-Serbian communities. The administration will include 3 vice-PMs, 15 ministers, 5 of whom are women.



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