22 years from the massacre of Krusha, Kurti and Osmani pay homage: ‘Missing people, our priority’



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It has been 22 years since the massacre of the Krusha e Madhe and Krusha e Vogel in Kosovo. After paying respects, PM Kurti stated that the case of the missing and unfound people is a priority in the dialogue with Serbia.

PM Albin Kurti and pretender for the president post, Vjosa Osmani on the 22nd anniversary of the massacres, paid their homages in Krusha. During their visits, Kurti emphasized that after 22 years, the wounds are still open, because of the crimes committed by Serbia against the people of Kosovo. Kurti also emphasized that his administration will be committed to achieving justice for the families of the martyrs that gave their lives in the name of their nation’s freedom.

“It is our life, it’s our non-compensable traumatic pasts that today mark a wound that is still bleeding, an open wound because justice still hasn’t been restored for the victims and there still is no judgment or punishment for the Serbian criminals. We can’t have a certain future, we can’t have peace or calm, as long as we don’t have justice, which has not only been refused to us and delayed to us, but it hasn’t even started,” declared Kurti.

Even though in his previous statements for the media, Kurti has declared that the dialogue with Serbia isn’t a priority for his administration, this time he said that the issue of the missing and disappeared persons will be one of the main priorities in the dialogue.

“In our rapport with Serbia, our priority is solving the issue of the missing persons and the issue of war crimes, because we can’t have a future, peace, justice or progress, if we don’t deal with these macabre crimes committed against our nation, which we all still remember as we have felt them on our own skin,” emphasized Kosovo’s PM.

During the massacres committed by the Serbian armed forces in Krusha e madhe and Krusha e vogel in Rahovec, from March 25th-27TH, 243 people were murdered and 893 houses were burned and destroyed.



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