Leadership’s decision unveiled: LDK accepts Vjosa Osmani for President



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The leadership of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (LDK) has decided to stay in parliament and create the quorum necessary to elect Vjosa Osmani as the new President of Kosovo. The news was confirmed by the vice-Chairman of LDK, Lutfi Haziri, right after the meeting of the party’s leadership.

Earlier today, Vjosa Osmani and Albin Kurti met with the leaders of the other political subjects, AAK and PDK, who have previously declared that they won’t be supporting Osmani’s candidature.

The 10 votes of the Serbian list are also left uncertain, as they too have expressed discontent after only being awarded one minister post by PM Kurti.

In fact, they have forewarned to take the case to the Constitutional Court.

If no resolution is found for the President post, the country might head for reelections.


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