Overwhelmed hospitals, tougher measures demanded in Kosovo



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Rising new infection rates have also led to rising hospital admissions as Kosovo is in the throes of another COVID-19 wave.

The Infective Diseases Clinic in Pristina has overpassed its capacities with 100 patients requiring a ventilator. The chief of this ward, Dr. Izet Sadiku, says patients brought in the clinic are in a grave condition.

“In all truth, rising COVID-19 figures in the past two weeks have been reflected in increased hospital admissions. Every day hospital capacities reach their maximum. The situation is very serious and we have over 100 patients with oxygen therapy and a majority of them are in a critical condition”, said Dr. Sadiku.

The epidemiological situation in Kosovo has been far from stable leading while medical authorities are insisting on tougher measures.

“I think the government should have analyzed the situation together with the Institute and take adequate measures, firstly respect the ones in force and then see whether more restrictions are needed”, he added.

“Naturally, apart from the COVID-19 measures, vaccination is the only protective weapon. Even though I contracted COVID-19 last November, I still got my first shot and of course, I am happy that now we have joined the rest of the world (referring here to the vaccine rollout) and I feel good”, said infectious diseases doctor Njomza Geca.

On Wednesday, Kosovo recorded 923 new cases and 14 victims.




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