“We have a vaccine budget”, minister Vitia: Negotiations and contracts are confidential



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A story published on local media claiming that the government of Prime Minister Albin Kurti has postponed the date to sign a contract with Pfizer/BioNTech to secure COVID-19 vaccines brought the immediate reaction of health minister Arben Vitia as he addressed the country in a press conference.

Referring to the case as “highly sensitive”, minister Vitia said that the process is “confidential” and that stories doing the roundabout on local media are “untrue” and “damaging”.

“The story published by “Insajderi” is untrue, damaging, and malevolent. It is not true because those who claim to have secured official information are completely incorrect. We cannot talk about the progress we’ve made in securing the vaccines because the matter at hand is strictly confidential”, said Vitia.

In pursuit of the questions posed by journalists, minister Vitia did not release any information over the companies involved in the negotiations, but guaranteed that the government has accorded a “sufficient budget”.

“There’s a sufficient budget and budget has never been an issue when it comes to securing the vaccines”, he added.

In conclusion of the press conference, minister Vitia reached out to the prosecution office and urged them to investigate the fake news circulating in the media for what he described as a “delicate” matter pertaining to the citizens’ wellbeing.




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