Netflix recognizes Kosovo after successful petition campaign



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One of the largest content platforms and production companies in the world, Netflix, has agreed to recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

This is a result of a successful petition campaign that collected over 37.000 signatures arguing that since the United States recognizes Kosovo, the same should apply for an American-based company.

Sovran Hoti, the creator of the petition “NetflixaddKosovo”, Sovran Hoti, confirmed the positive development on his social media account.

In the description written on the petition launched on the platform “Change.Org”, Hoti explained that when Kosovars would try to join Netflix, the platform would mark their location as Serbian territory, and also it wouldn’t allow them to enroll with a mobile phone as Kosovo’s country code was not in the list.

Netflix has now added Kosovo on the platform including its country code +383.



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