Tempers flared at Kosovo’s Parliament, PDK MP to Gervalla: ‘You’re a representative of Serbia’



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Today’s plenary session in the Parliament of Kosovo was adjourned after several MPs of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) clashed with several of VV’s MPs.  The incident was preceded by a harsh debate that sparked between PDK’s MP, Abelard Tahiri and MFA, Donika Gervalla.

Gervalla accused PDK’s MPs as signatories of Kosovo’s Specialist Chambers.

“I am addressing you, MPs of PDK, that corruption isn’t a fabrication of ours, corruption isn’t a narrative of Serbia, but it is a bitter reality of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and this bitter reality demanded its resolution through the result of the February 14th elections. Our administration was chosen to fight crime and corruption that has been installed in our country mainly by you lot, and by others too, but mainly by you, the Democratic Party of Kosovo. This is your narrative, you are responsible for the installation of corruption and our narrative is to fight this corruption and ensure equality, in the places of work and for citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. The truth is good for everyone, the truth is necessary in order to get out of the ditch, you have placed yourself in,” said Gervalla.

In his word, MP Tahiri called the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gervalla a “representative of Serbia in Kosovo”.

“Most honorable minister, today you proved to us that the Republic of Serbia doesn’t need to deal with the Republic of Kosovo anymore, because they have appointed you as their representative, here in Kosovo. You are the diplomatic corps of Kosovo. For someone to come out today and say that the Specialist Chambers aren’t a product of Serbia, is the greatest dishonor for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. That is why, today you should stand up and ask forgiveness from the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, because that Court was established through the dishonest facts offered by the Serbian government, with fabricated facts from the Serbian government, come out and ask forgiveness from the citizens and from those that are currently there as the accused, because this Court was set up from people like yourself, and from testimonies like yours. That is why, today Dacic doesn’t need to speak, because Donika Schwarz is here, because I am embarrassed to even utter your other last name, how dare you speak of the crimes committed in Kosovo,” he added.

The back-and-forth exchange between MP Tahiri and MFA Gervalla caused an outbreak of a series of slandering and insults amongst the MPs of the opposition and the majority force.

After not approving of the direction and management of the plenary session by Deputy Chair of Parliament, Saranda Bogujevci, MPs of the PDK decided to leave the parliament hall.

During the brief moments of them leaving the room, MPs Memli Krasniqi and Ardian Kastrati became involved in a verbal confrontation with the Minister of Agriculture, Faton Peci.

Before the incident unraveled, the MPS of LDK (Democratic Alliance of Kosovo) also left the hall, after the word of their parliamentary group chief, Arben Gashi, was interrupted.





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