Balkan Talks | LDK won’t be a part of the dialogue team, says Teuta Sahatqija



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Euronews Albania’s show Balkan Talks focused this week on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, set to resume in June.

Teuta Sahatqija, a member of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) parliamentary caucus, elaborated on her party’s perspective on the process as well as their expectations on the outcome.

“In terms of the documentation and expertise that LDK has since we’ve already been a party to the dialogue, we have already offered it to Kurti. We are not in favor of creating a negotiation team with members from all political parties because the Constitutional Court says the dialogue must be led by the government. This is what we endorse too, while we pursue our counseling role as the opposition, as well as vote the agreements in the Parliament of Kosovo”, said Sahatqija.

She explained that LDK does not want to be a part of the negotiating team as the formation of this informal body undermines the country’s institutions.

“We’ve had a delegation that was involved in winning our independence. We are a state and we have institutions, every type of informal body undermines these institutions. On the other hand, Serbia does not have an informal body, why should Kosovo have one, when it has a government and a parliament. The opposition wants Kurti’s government to report to the parliament prior to and after the meetings, that’s where the opposition belongs, said Sahatqija.

According to her, the resumption of the dialogue must have only one objective: mutual recognition.

“A dialogue continuing on technical matters does not resolve the main dispute. Reaching the agreement through mutual recognition must serve as the umbrella that paves the way to any other deal. The main thing is for the dialogue to resume and conclude as soon as possible”, said LDK’s parliamentary group member.

Asked over the Serbian President’s declaration rejecting the recognition of Kosovo, Sahatqija sees is a tactic “to profit from Kosovo”.

“Vucic is in the midst of negotiations and I think this is a tactic to convey the message that these negotiations are hard. He indicates that Serbia must gain something out of it, and this is being heard in many circles, although it has won a lot from the Ahtisaari Plan. His tactic is winning ground”, said Sahatqija.

Over Kurti’s bid to take Serbia to the International Court of Justice for genocide committed during the war in Kosovo she said “The majority admit to it. Kurti’s request is morally valid, but the application must be made with prudence. Worst case scenario if it comes out that it does not fall under genocide criteria, we will go backward prior to 2008. It is a case that must be analyzed very thoroughly ”, she concluded.



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