Kurti’s four proposals: Kosovo and Serbia sign an immediate non-aggression pact



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The meeting between Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ended by deepening the divide between the two countries even further.

The agenda involved talks on the missing persons from the war, financial compensation, and the Association of the Serb Communes, but instead, PM Kurti came forward with a set of new proposals that found the Serbian side completely unprepared and igniting a major debate from both local and foreign analysts.

What Kurti wants to bring to the table are matters that go beyond the dialogue process, including installing peace, which to many is a done deal.

The four proposals set forth by PM Albin Kurti are:

  • The six Western Balkan countries advancing CEFTA to SEFTA (South-East European Free Trade Agreement), according to the EFTA-EEA model, or something similar to what Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland have with the EU.
  • Kosovo and Serbia sign a non-aggression pact, meaning that the two countries vow not to attack one another.
  • After the mutual recognition between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, both countries will apply bilateral reciprocity, including here the issues about the minorities, opening the way to the establishment of the Serb National Council, similar to the one that ethnic Albanians and Bosnians have in Serbia
  • On the missing persons, the case should be moved from the current position and summon the head of the Serbian delegation, Veljko Odalovic, who back in 1997-1997 was the Chief of General Staff in Kosovo and led the occupation together with Zoran Andjelkovic.




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