President Biden thanks Kosovo for late son’s award



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The President of the United States Joe Biden said that his family was touched by the medal awarded to his late son Beau Biden from the President of Kosovo, for his service after the end of the Kosovo War.

In a video recording, President Biden said that his son’s work in Kosovo was heartfelt and that he had grown very fond of the country.

“We just want to say that this is incredible and we want to thank the Republic of Kosovo for this medal. It’s a great honor to recognize the legacy of our son Beau. Beau’s work in Kosovo was heartfelt, he fell in love with the country. This means so much to us, for our entire family”, said Biden.

The US President stressed that there’s still a lot to be done in Kosovo, and vowed to stand by the country as allies in the future.

“Accepting this award on behalf of our son, I also want to recognize and applaud the incredible progress has made over the past 20 years. There’s still more work to be done, I need not tell you. More work to fight corruption, to protect the rights of minorities, to build positive relationships with neighboring nations, and to bolster economic development. And I commit to you, the United States will remain Kosovo’s steadfast partner in this war”, he concluded.

This is the second time that Kosovo pays tributes to the late son of the US President.

Biden and his family visited Kosovo in 2016 when he was serving as vice president to attend the inauguration ceremony of a street named after Beau Biden.



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