The Hague, Nasim Haradinaj in tears after mentions of Milosevic



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Former deputy chair of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) War Veterans Organization, Nasim Haradinaj was in tears during his testimony at The Hague today, after asking the Special Tribunals to investigate the real war criminals of the Kosovo War.

Haradinaj said that he is against a selective court because it is focused solely on ethnic Albanians.

While trying to hold his tears, Haradinaj said that he feels obligated to speak out against Milosevic, using the phrase ‘my grave wouldn’t accept me in it’, if he didn’t.

In addition, he said that he would be willing to accept this tribunal if it were to investigate all crimes, as according to him, Serbs are pathologically inclined to hate Albanians and that “for 100 years, they’ve been killing [them], stabbing [them] and shredding [them] to pieces”.

“You want to force me to go against the rights of my own people,” – he underlined while accusing the prosecutor of not investigating the true war criminals.

“If you don’t want to bring out the real criminals, but wish to make up others on the basis of testimonies coming from criminals who have been coordinating this whole thing, then let me tell you that I’m against you…And if you wish to continue like this…I am ready to end my testimony right now, even if it works against me, I am against anyone that wants to smear my country with accusations of war,” – said Haradinaj.

Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj were arrested on September 25, 2020 and since then they have been kept in custody at The Hague. They are under investigation in connection to a leak of documents referred to the Special Tribunals by an unidentified individual.

The charges pending against them are hampering investigations, threatening witnesses, vendetta and violating the anonymity of court procedures.




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