Albania begins issuing biometric residence permits for Kosovo citizens



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After the bilateral agreement on biometric residence permits signed between the governments of Kosovo and Albania, citizens who wish to live, work or study in Albania can now do so.

Interior minister Bledi Cuci handed out the first cards to two Kosovo youngsters. The card may be renewed every 5 years.

Kosovar citizens can simply apply online without any further requirements.

“Today I have the pleasure to hand out the first residence permits to two Albanians from Kosovo. The 5-year residence permit is being applied for the first time, based on the new law we signed precisely to facilitate this process and based on the agreement we made with the government of Kosovo, who has also started to apply the same regime”, said minister Cuci.

By acquiring a biometric residence permit, Kosovar citizens will no longer need to get a working permit.

Minister Cuci recalled the case of Arita Berisha, a student from Kosovo who was hired by an IT company in Tirana shortly after graduating from university. The biometric card she now holds counts as a working permit, too.

Before this, Albania used to issue permits in regular paper, without strict security elements and the document had to be renewed annually.

Kosovo has also started issuing biometric residence permits for Albanian citizens.

The governments of Kosovo and Albania signed several bilateral agreements during an intergovernmental meeting in Elbasan on November 26.



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