Osmani takes aim at Serbia for ‘walking in both Brussels and Moscow’s path’



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Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani declared that any country following the steps of Russia and its president Vladimir Putin should have no space in the European Union, taking aim at Serbia.

President Osmani made the statement at a doorstep press conference on Thursday, ahead of the high-level meeting of Western Balkans and EU leaders.

According to her, countries can not walk on two paths at the same time and must choose between Moscow and Brussels.

“I believe that all the Western Balkan countries deserve to be here today to express their views and express the voice of their people. Those countries that truly are determined to walk on the EU path, they should move on, those that believe that they can walk on the Moscow path, or on the Putin path, as well as on the EU path, don’t deserve to be on the EU path because you can’t walk on both paths at once”, Osmani said.

She also said her presence at the meeting is to deliver a strong message on behalf of the people of Kosovo that they belong in the union.

“We need a united message from the European Union towards the Western Balkans because the more space is left out for other malign factors, obviously they will use it”, said Osmani.

In regards to visa liberalization, Osmani emphasized that she remains positive about a potential ‘Yes’ and expects a clear message from the EU.

“However, I don’t want to raise expectations at this point in time because this process is not in our hands any longer. Kosovo has fulfilled all criteria when it comes to visa liberalization four years ago”.

“It’s about time that the member states really support this process because it’s a great injustice towards the people of Kosovo”.



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