Militants of SP and DP clash during Summer Day festivities, Rama: A vulgar sight, like 100 replicas of Meta



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The simultaneous visit of DP’s leader, Lulzim Basha and PM Edi Rama in Elbasan for the celebration of Summer Day, have resulted in a physical clash between militants of each party.

We have learned that the conflict started from militants of the DP, who had gone to the area where PM Edi Rama was meeting and they had started screaming “Rama leave!”. This was all it took for people accompanying Rama to start a physical confrontation with DP’s militants.

PM Rama has reacted through a post on Twitter, by calling this a “vulgar sight, showing the degradation of an old-fashioned opposition”.

“This vulgar sight is another example of the degradation of an old-fashioned opposition, which is headed by a marionette in the hands of Berisha& Meta, who want conflict and division, so they can take Albania and the justice system hostage! A big pity for the #DP, which has become a tool of these two bleak individuals scared of justice!

I have been coming to Elbasan for Summer Day for the past 20 years now, and I have never seen such a screaming crowd holding their party’s flags, like the clamor car in the movie “Concert of year ‘36’! They looked like 100 replicas of Ilir Meta, whereas Luli had parked his car in the bicycle lane and was hiding in the middle of the crowd!” wrote the PM.

The leader of the socialist parliamentary group, also an MP of Elbasan, Taulant Balla also reacted through a Facebook Status, where he called this event a political provocation that has never happened before, during Summer Day, in Elbasan.

“Since Lulzim Basha speaks of gangs, today’s sight was exactly that of a gang taking the festivities hostage, with a dividing noise and DP’s flags, with 3-4 expensive cars drifting their tires, in the middle of thousands of citizens, families and kids! The people of Elbasan have never been identified as aggressive and fight-loving, and we didn’t owe this to the DP, we didn’t deserve this reenactment of Ilir Meta in the hands of Lulzim Basha! However, April 25 is coming and llir Meta together with Sali Berisha, will get their answer for this violent spectacle in our city conducted by their marionette Lulzim Basha and the group of blind men that put the DP to shame in the eyes of the residents of Elbasan and all of Albania”, wrote Balla on Facebook.



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