Not all socialists are confident that SP will hold majority in future parliament



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The socialist party has declared that its main objective in the upcoming elections, is holding the absolute majority in parliament. However, not all socialists believe that this objective is attainable.

These were the findings of the third national poll conducted by MRB and Euronews Albania, where 35.5% of socialists appeared to not be entirely confident that the SP could win all 71 seats.

When asked whether or not the party they are voting for will get majority in parliament, citizens answered accordingly:

  • Yes, they will win more than 71 seats: SP 66.5%; DP 48.2%
  • No, they won’t win all 71 seats, but will form government; SP 20.3%; DP 23.1%
  • Will come in first, but won’t be able to form government: SP 3.8%, DP 14.6%
  • I don’t know: SP 9.4%; DP 14.1%

Compared to SP, the Democratic Party hasn’t owned up to any definite objectives regarding the number of seats they’re aiming to win in these upcoming elections, on April 25th. Until now, its leadership has only declared an objective regarding changes in the administration, where the DP has made a pre-electoral agreement with the SMI (socialist movement for integration) to co-govern the country.


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