EC spokesperson: No campaign, a regional meeting on education dated 18 of March



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In an exclusive reaction for Euronews Albania, the EU Commission Spokesperson for the internal market, defense industry, space, education, youth, sport, and culture Sonya Gospodinova, clarified that Commissioner Mariya Gabriel “did not make any party political statement” during a video-conference attended also by the leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha.

‘’The Commission does not comment on comments of other parties. Please note that Commissioner Mariya Gabriel took part in the Education Roundtable on the 18 of March at the invitation of the Modul University Vienna, which organized the event. The Commissioner’s participation was limited to delivering a keynote speech. The speech, which is published on the Commission’s website (pls find the link below), focused on recent and forthcoming European initiatives in the field of education and research that are relevant to the whole Western Balkans region, including Albania”, said Gospodinova in a written response for Euronews Albania.

“The Commissioner did not make any party political statement but delivered a speech on the topics falling in her portfolio”, Gospodinova added

The video-conference attended also by EU Commissioner Gabriel took place on Tuesday, the 23 of March, meanwhile on Facebook the leader of the Democratic Party had posted it with the inscription “Online meeting with EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and representatives of the Modul University Vienna”.

During the weekend, Basha also shared another video-conference attended by EU Commissioner for the Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama referred to the declarations shared by Basha as “meddling with the campaign”. On Twitter, he called on Brussels to “tell commissioners not to spend their time on electoral videos” with the leader of the DP.

Replicating to the prime minister, Basha said that his reaction came as a result of his “nervousness”




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