Olsian Cela message to prosecutors: Anyone that violates the electoral process will be brought to justice



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Prosecutor General Olsian Cela during a meeting with US Ambassador to Albania, Mrs. Yuri Kim, discussed about the measures that the Attorney General has taken and will take to guarantee the implementation of the law against anyone who will violate the electoral process through criminal offences.

After the meeting, Çela addressed a message to the directors of the prosecution offices, the prosecutors and judicial police officers, where he stressed that there will be no tolerance on anyone that violates the electoral process.

“You are expected to immediately bring to justice anyone who, through illegal actions or omissions from those provided by the Criminal Code, will attempt or endanger the integrity of the electoral process. Any delay or inaction in the investigation is harmful and will not be tolerated,” was written, among other things, in his message.

“Prosecutions should take all measures to ensure full transparency of activity in accordance with the law, in addition to the above. Albanian citizens expect you to show courage and determination, performing the duty in full impartiality and independence, as guaranteed by the law and the constitution of the Republic of Albania. You will have the full support of the Prosecutor General in fulfilling your functions,” Cela further writes.

Earlier, US Ambassador Yuri Kim said that there should be no exception on anyone who tries to break the law during the electoral process.



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