Issues with the biometric identification devices delay the voting process in various counties



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Problems with the device used for the biometric identification of voters have delayed the start of the voting process in various counties around the country.

Biometric identification is being used for the first time this year, in an electoral process in our country.

According to guidelines provided by CEC, in case there are problems with the biometric identification of voters, the devices will be substituted.

In case there are delays with these substitutions, then the voting process could start to proceed manually.

One of the ballot stations, where there have been problems with the commencement of the voting process was the “Jani Minga” elementary school. The reason for these issues were technical problems as well as delays from operators.

Meanwhile the voting center 3030/01 in the city center of Fier hasn’t started the voting process, because of technical issues with the devices as well.

Likewise, there have been similar problems in two voting centers in Librazhd, 27071 and 27061. The voting process hasn’t started because of problems with electricity.

Meanwhile, the municipality of Has has also exhibited problems with the biometric identification device.

5 centers in the county of Kukes have yet to start their voting process. In Elbasan, there’s issues in several polling stations, as commissions are facing changes.

In “Janaq Kilica” school in the 3004/01 polling station, in KZAZ 59, the identification device is jammed.

There have been problems in two voting centers, 688 and 681 in Lezha, as the operators of the electronic devices have yet to resolve the issue.




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