Violent incident recorded at counting station in Tirana, 7 detained



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A violent physical altercation erupted at one of the counting stations in Tirana between counters and observers.

Sources confirm for Euronews Albania, that the fight erupted initially between two observers and afterward individuals standing outside the stations’ premises tried to intervene in the fight.

Police officers have detained 7 people in connection with the incident.

Euronews Albania journalist Eksiola Shehu was able to interview the secretary of ballot counting station Kelvin Skrela.

He recalled that several people were standing outside of the stations’ premises who claimed to possess authorization as observers from CEC. Skrela said that these individuals went inside the station and started nagging and then hit one of the Democratic Party’s counters.

“The counter and another person standing nearby were harmed. They were hit with chairs and then we authorized the immediate intervention of the State Police”, explained Skrela.

The persons involved in the brawl have been detained and counting is currently suspended at this station.



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