Lulzim Basha: These polls were an electoral massacre; we won’t give up



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The leader of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha, in his first appearance following preliminary election results, said that these polls were “an electoral massacre” in front of a “regime that did everything to break the race”.

“We entered the battle not against political opponents, but against a regime that did everything to break the race, with tens of thousands invalid votes, twice more than the difference between the parties, millions of euros spent to achieve the largest vote purchase, they stole citizen data and used criminals to commit an electoral massacre”, Basha said.

Lulzim Basha said that the DP is now “stronger” and will not give up as its mission is above its members.

“We became stronger and more determined than ever. Whoever thinks that we’ll give up does not know us well. We will continue the battle for democracy with all our strength. We will continue to fight until victory because our mission is larger than all of us. If we surrender, Albania will have no other chance, and this will never happen”, he said.

According to Basha, the Socialists paid millions of euros to purchase votes and mentioned the case of Tom Doshi, the former leader of the Social Democratic Party.

“Edi Rama has collaborated and continues to openly do so with representatives from the criminal sphere such as Tom Doshi, who has the entire Democratic world standing against him”, said the leader of the DP.

During his word, Basha did not say whether he will admit to the loss but asserted that the Democrats gained the trust of over 600.000 citizens.

“We will fight for you, for the thousands of citizens that fought for us and for those whose vote was not counted. This is the responsibility I have in front of you and Albania”.

The Socialists are at the forefront of the electoral race with 750.000 popular votes, while the Democrats and SMI together share 714.000 votes.

According to data provided by the Central Election Commission, 81.273 votes were rendered “invalid”.


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