‘Basha should step down’, DP members request meeting of the National Council to analyze defeat



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A group of members of the Democratic Party has made a statement asking the resignation of Lulzim Basha from the leadership post of DP. Their request comes after DP’s result in the election of April 25th.

“We request the urgent meeting of the National Council of the Democratic Party, in order to open up the road to start a fundamental process of reflection and analysis, necessary and vital for the Party, a process, which should enable snap elections, a fair, open and democratic race, with new leadership structures for the party,” writes the declaration of some of the members of the DP group.

Some of the names of the members of the DP that have requested the resignation of Basha from the leadership post are former president Bujar Nishani, Arben Imami, former leader of CEC Arben Ristani, Edith Harxhi, Endira Bushati etc.

The result of the April 25th elections was: SP as the winning force with 74 mandates, DP 59 mandates, SMI 4 mandates, and PSD 3 mandates.



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