PM Rama comments on the opposition’s accusations of electoral fraud for ‘La Repubblica’



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In an interview for the Italian renowned newspaper “La Repubblica”, the Albanian PM Edi Rama commented on the allegations of the opposition accusing him of vote-buying.

The Head of State suggested that the opposition reflects after losing five consecutive electoral processes, and for them to avoid confrontation with the majority force.

“Unfortunately, the opposition isn’t able to turn away from this stance, which is what leads to them losing one electoral process after the other. These are the fifth elections in a row, and they are still unable to understand: Instead of concentrating on self-reflection, they focus on confrontation and accusations against us,” stated Rama during the interview.

In addition, the PM cited Euronews Albania’s exit-poll, as being very precise in its calculations of the electoral results, which according to him, puts down any kind of contentions raised against him, by the opposition.



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