Bushati is steadfast: Basha should step down, Haxhiu: If he does these two things, he will be successful



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The Democratic Party has deemed the results of April 25th an “electoral massacre”, raising accusations of manipulation against the Socialist Party.

This situation has caused debates in the public sphere, regarding the stance expected to be held by the Democratic Party and if they will eventually accept the electoral results or not.

Analyst Andi Bushati said during Euronews Albania’s political commentary show ‘Shock’ that the leader of the democrats, Lulzim Basha has lost the ‘attribute of the shield’ of the public interest against the bad governance of the socialists.

He affirmed that based on DP’s strategic moves until now, it seems that it will choose to face the majority in power in two ways, in Parliament and through protests.

“Basha has in fact spoken about not recognizing these elections, but without outlining what this actually implies. He has left DP and the public in complete darkness… it seems like he’s saying whatever happens happens. With complete certainty, based on the trajectory until now, he is saying that he won’t recognize the elections, but will nonetheless go to parliament. Basha is at a difficult position and he needs to step down. Basha, in his politics, is neither here nor there; if he wants to lead the DP, he needs to make up his mind about what he needs to be. It seems like Basha doesn’t know which shape he wants to give his battle against this regime. The opposition and DP today have lost the attribute of being the shield of citizens against the regime,” said Bushati.

Analyst Baton Haxhiu on the other hand, stated that Basha needs to regain control of the Democratic Party’s leadership by conducting an open and transparent electoral process.

“The first thing Basha needs to do is regain the leadership of the Democratic Party, through a race and the race within the DP needs to be open for everyone. DP must enter parliament. Non-institutional life comes with a gradation. From the outside [of institutions], you can only gain power through a revolution. I believe he will do both and if he continues this way, I am certain he will be successful,” he added.



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