PM Rama reacts to Berisha’s persona non-grata declaration for the first time



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Earlier today, PM Edi Rama has finally reacted to the US Department of State’s decision to declare the former Albanian PM Sali Berisha persona non-grata.

When asked by Euronews Albania, the Head of State emphasized that he is determined to embark on a new path, in regards to his public communication, which will seemingly include avoiding all aspects that have turned political life into a strenuous telenovela.

“I am 100 % focused on work, we haven’t stopped them once during or after the campaign, because there’s no time to rest and on the other hand, I am very determined to open a new road in the economic sense and because of this, we should avoid all those aspects that have turned our political life into a strenuous telenovela.

I repeat, for me, it’s much more important to talk about how many vaccines get administered per day, how our construction sites are working, how all of our commitments are being fulfilled step by step, including all the unexpected events happening during the day, and above all – so that I can finish what I started – we are working intensively for our third term,” said the Head of State.



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