Rising numbers of sexual abuse incite fierce retaliation and backlash in Albania



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The recurrent cases of sexual abuse in Albania have spurred numerous protests around the country, with the most recent being the march in support of the horrendous sexual assault case suffered by a 15-year-old in Miredita, who was raped by 5 individuals, some of whom suspected to have been her relatives.

Specialists for Criminal Investigation at the Police Department of Miredita have reacted through the perpetrators’ arrest. The incident triggered major protests in Tirana and Rreshen, where hundreds of citizens and activists of the civil society protested against the abuse of children and minors.

President, Ilir Meta, the EU ambassador Luigi Soreca, the Muslim Community as well as many other NGOs reacted to the incident.

However, unfortunately, similar cases where the victims suffering the sexual abuse are minors have been a reoccurring phenomenon in our country.

One year ago, in Babrru, another minor was sexually abused by the school’s 65-year-old security guard and several other people, where the deception scheme seems to have been quite similar.

The elderly adult blackmailed the young girl through a video recording and after this video was shared amongst several students, this act was repeated by them as well.

In 2019, in the city of Kavaja, a 14-year-old reported 8 of her school peers to the police, for allegedly forcing her to have sexual relations with them through the same blackmailing scheme, threatening her through an intimate video recording, if she wouldn’t comply with their demands.

In their report on pedophilia in Albania, which is combined with a study of judgments issued by our courts, Medialook organization have come to the striking realization that during the period 2010-2019 in Albania, there have been 121 cases of sexual crimes against minors under the age of 14.

The majority of cases include victims varying in the ages 16-26 years old pertaining to 50 cases and 25 cases included abusers over the age of 60.

Protesters march against sexual violence by Euronews Balkans




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