North Macedonia, co-founder of KLA testifies at Kosovo’s Special Court



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The leader of the North Macedonian Democratic Union for Integration (BDI) party, Ali Ahmeti, appeared in front of the judges of the Special Court in Kosovo to testify about his actions during the Kosovo War.

Unlike Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi and his fellow comrade Kadri Veseli, Ahmeti will be summoned in Pristina and not at The Hague.

Ahmeti was called upon to testify on July 22, a few weeks after the indictment for war crimes of President Thaçi and the leader of the Democratic Party in Kosovo, Kadri Veseli.

The leader of North Macedonia’s BDI is one of the founders of Kosovo’s Liberation Army and a former member of the General Army Staff.

Several pundits in North Macedonia claim that Ahmeti was invited to testify prior to the July 15 parliamentary elections, while many have expressed their disbelief on his ties with the case of Thaçi and Veseli.



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