PM Zaev sways Albanian opposition to agree on Citizenship Law



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After negotiations with the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev on the Law for Citizenship, the Albanian opposition revoked the amendments on the fifth economic package in the Assembly.

The Alliance for Albanians and the Alternative had vetoed several legislations by invoking thousands of amendments, as a counter-response to the stalling of the Law on Citizenship.

But the last meeting between Albanian political leaders and PM Zoran Zaev was marked by considerable progress and the compilation of a new law is expected in the following days.

Elmi Aziri, an MP of the Albanian coalition on the opposition’s side, explained for Euronews Albania that it had not been their intent to bring the parliament to a deadlock, hence they decided to revoke the amends on the fifth COVID-19 economic package.

“The North Macedonian opposition withdrew from the amendments, and as we’ve said earlier, we’re against blocking parliament, which in essence is not a cause, but an effect. In a sign of our goodwill, we revoked the amendments that we submitted as a sign of a blockade against the measures of the fifth economic package”, said Aziri.

He believes that a new bill will materialize by the end of the week.

“The committees of the Albanian opposition and government experts are due to meet in the following days to harmonize our arguments and we expect to have the bill by the end of the week”, concluded the Albanian MP.



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