‘Negotiating framework’ for conflict resolution with Bulgaria, Mickovski warns nationwide protests



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Until the government decides to publicly assess the “negotiating framework” for the resolution of Bulgaria’s contestation, the Macedonian party VMRO-DPMNE warned to protest every day starting from 15:00 p.m. – 17:00 p.m., in the three locations around the capital city and 10 other cities.

The leader of the Macedonian opposition, Hristijan Mickovski has stated that he has learned from trustworthy sources that the ‘negotiating framework’, which is being kept secret by the government, put the Macedonian language and identity up for negotiation.

“The bilateral problem we share with Sofia, which revolved around the existence of the Macedonian people, our culture, traditions, language, anti-fascist war, practically all these problems included in the declaration approved by the Bulgarian Parliament, they will practically be part of a problem that we will share with the EU,” declared Hristijan Mickovski, chair of VMRO-DPMNE.

“The bilateral problem will turn into a problem between North Macedonia and the EU,” he added.

Mickovski continued by saying that for the time being, the names of over 40 potential candidates are being evaluated to become commune leaders representing VMRO-DPMNE branches locally.

He concluded by saying that the names will be published until the end of July, whereas the name of the candidate winning in the city of Skopje will be published in September.



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