N. Macedonia declares 3 days of mourning after accident that took lives of 46



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The Macedonian government has just declared three national days of mourning for the victims of the tragic accident, of the bus en route to Skopje that crashed in western Bulgaria, resulting in the death of 46 citizens, the majority of whom ethnic Albanians.

The bus with Macedonian license plates was returning from Istanbul, on route to Skopje, when it crashed into the barricades of the road and was shortly after covered in flames. Amongst the victims, there were several children, whereas only 7 people were rescued, after escaping from the back of the bus.

The Bulgarian Prosecution is currently investigating that incident, after the Bulgarian chief prosecutor, Borislav Sarafov met with Macedonian chief prosecutor, Lubomir Joveski.

Authorities have begun the process of identifying the victims, whereas prosecutors are questioning two of the survivors and other witnesses to the accident scene. The other survivors are currently receiving treatment in the hospital and are out of danger.

‘Besa Trans’ agency has been in business for the past 20 years and has never experienced an accident of this scale. However, all technical paperwork will be made part of the investigation, even though based on preliminary data, the bus was new and had only been operating for the past 3 years.



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