Official candidate for Tirana Municipality, Arlind Qori: I will bring the change

The Electoral College came out today with the decision on the registration of the “Joint Movement” party for the May 14 local elections.

This decision was communicated as final and without any right of appeal.

This party was not initially registered by the Central Election Commission.

But this decision was reviewed by the electoral college, after the complaint of the Joint Movement, which also took the final decision on the participation of this political force in the local elections of May 14.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, Arlind Qori, chairman of Levizja Bashke, described the decision of the head of the CEC not to register his party in the elections. He said that the party he leads does not intend to make individual promises to certain people on the condition that they bring votes.

According to Qori, the promises will be such that all citizens benefit, there won’t just be individual promises.