Ethnic cleansing against Albanians, Presheva Mayor: We have been reporting it for a long time

Latest update: 13/05/2020 - 13:50
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The Kosovo Parliament Speaker, Vjosa Osmani, has accused Serbian authorities in Medvegja, Bujanoc and Presheva, of committing ethnic cleansing by acting passively with the registration of residential addresses, and by even removing Albanians from Civil Registrars.

The Mayor of Presheva, Shqiprim Arifi, said in a live interview with Euronews that this concern has been raised several times by the political leaders of his municipality, although it got media attention only after being mentioned by high-level politician, such as Vjosa Osmani.

According to him, it is regrettable that in so many years, even after several calls for help to Albania, Brussels and USA, no one has tried to offer a solution to this issue.

“Not only we are losing our population in Presheva, but we are also losing our impact in the media.

“It is sad that this issue becomes public only when it is mentioned by a high-level politician, such as Mrs.Osmani. We are all Albanians, with or without government posts, and we must work together to bring an end to this problem.

"This has been going on for years, but last year it was done with a higher pace. We notified all institutions, including the international ones in Brussels.

“The sad thing is that although everyone has been informed, they don’t turn it into a discussion topic in the dialogue with Serbia. We also informed the USA that the Medvegja Albanians are the most endangered in the region.

"You cannot register your residence, you cannot vote and no one pays attention to this issue, not even your mother country, Albania, or other institutions in Kosovo”, Arifi declared.

He said that this issue should be treated by Albania during its OSCE presidency, but also in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.