Berat Rukiqi: Difficult to overcome the bad economic situation without vaccinations | Balkan Talks



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This week, Balkan Talks focused on the recent economic developments in Kosovo.

The President of Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce Berat Rukiqi elaborated on the present progress and the short-term developments perspective. According to him, the government must deviate its priority from social schemes.

“We have social schemes of which I am not in favor or. I believe the government should use the budget to support competition of the private sector, exports and schemes that promote investment and local producers, and areas lacking profits”, he said.

For enterprises, a year in the pandemic has led to revenue cuts, also shown by the 6% economic decline reported by the IMF. The president of the Chamber of Commerce told Euronews Albania that it will be difficult to change the financial state of businesses during this year.

“This year does not fill me with any hopes for economic development if the citizens are not immunized. I speak on behalf of businesses and they think that their conditions will not change, even though there is a lot of hopes when governments change. They expect battling monopolies and market equality. By the beginning of last year, aware of the economic decline also confirmed by the IMG, as well as government changes and expectations over the new administration, it will be difficult to succeed under these conditions, if the vaccination campaign is not speeded up”, said Rukiqi.

The President of Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce insisted that the vaccination campaign will bring a solution for the economy.

“The economy entered into recession last year and this was confirmed by the economic contraction. We expect actions to be taken in order to avoid the escalation of this crisis, and this begins with the vaccination. Global economies must inoculate their citizens and it is a precondition to prevent a long recession”.

Furthermore, he suggested that the government must come up with an “escape plan”.

“We’ll have problems even after the pandemic, there will consequences that will need to be addressed. The financial state after a year in a pandemic is very grave and an exit plan is required, but this cannot be done without vaccinations and helping businesses in a crisis”, he emphasized.



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