Enver Hoxhaj on reasons behind the loss of the Democratic Party of Kosovo at the polls



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Kosovo is facing a new political reality after the elections. The interim leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, in an interview for Balkan Talks on Euronews Albania, elaborated on the perspective of the country’s main opposition force.

“We have taken the results of the elections quite seriously and I think that it was affected by the indictment of Mr. Veseli and Mr. Thaçi, being in power for a long time and thirdly, because Kosovo has been in a total domestic siege since 2015. Self-Determination has blocked state formation processes in Kosovo and due to these reasons, we have this result. We are doing everything we can to reform and innovate the party”, said Enver Hoxhaj.

The Democratic Party is going through hardships as two key figures are facing war crime charges at the Special Court at The Hague. Accordingly, Hoxhaj does not have full authority over the party, but he asserts that this is not impeding his leadership.

“Up until now I’ve had the support of all the colleagues on decision taking and we had a mutual understanding in coming up with the list of MPs, my candidacy as prime minister, and a strategy now that we are in opposition”, said the interim leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo.

According to Hoxhaj, the party has a clear vision of its path as the opposition and described its role as a key observer.

“We will carry our duty as the opposition on two levels: On one side, we will introduce concrete priorities on where we stand in the political realm, and on the other, we will observe who controls the power, and on this basis, we will reform the party. We will represent the citizens and the community”, said Hoxhaj.

Another priority of the Democratic Party is preparing for the local elections with Hoxhaj affirming that the party is already heating up the motors to come up with a list of candidates.

“PDK’s list for the communes will be inclusive and we’ll be representative of the people. We have compiled the criteria for wide gender representation and we will have new candidates as well as distinct personalities”, he concluded.




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