Balkan Talks | Nullification of Albanian addresses in Presheva, Mustafa: Macabre ethnic cleansing



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The invalidation of addresses in the Presevo Valley (Presheva) is a reality, which Albanians living there are faced with on a daily basis.

The leader of the Albanian Democratic Party, Ragmi Mustafa spoke on this reality on Balkan Talks, Euronews Albania.

“Apart from the invalidation of addresses, an appeal has been issued to the international Interpol for taking away the ID papers or passports that have yet to expire. Without these documents, Albanian aren’t recognized as residents of their autochthonous land. This is a macabre cleansing being put in place by the government of Belgrade,” stated Mustafa.

The Albanian Democratic Party is collecting information on the documents being take away from Albanians.

“There are dozens of cases, where documents were taken away from them and we are currently collecting information on this. We will raise our voices regarding this matter before the ambassadors, but I do not understand how the international Interpol can accept this request,” said Mustafa.

The leader of the Albanian Democratic Party also said that this ethnic cleansing has ended in Medvegja and is now continuing in Bujanovc and Presheva.

“The ethnic cleansing of Albanians was commenced by Belgrade and this cleansing is only happening to the Albanian community. Initially, they started in Medvegja and were able to cleanse Medvegja from Albanians. No more than 400 Albanians have remained in Medvegja out of the 3 700 that were there in 2001. Now, they are continuing in Bujanovc and Presheva,” stated Mustafa.

According to Mr. Mustafa, the European Union is putting together a commission that will be informed on this nullification, but the Albanian and Kosovar governments should get involved and do something about this matter.

“While the EU will be correct and as soon as they form the commission, they will come to get informed up close on the people whose addresses have been invalidated. The Security Council should hold an extraordinary session that should have been demanded by the Albanian and Kosovar governments so that this sort of activity could come to a halt,” added Mustafa.



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