Only the US can compel Serbia to recognize Kosovo, says Albanian MP in Serbia



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The dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia remains a hot topic for ethnic Albanians in the Presheva Valley. Shaip Kamberi, an Albanian lawmaker in the Serbian parliament, said on Euronews Albania’s “Balkan Talks”, a weekly show focusing on the region, that only the United States can oblige Aleksandar Vucic to recognize Kosovo.

“The European Union cannot land a final deal between Kosovo and Serbia given that it has been mediating the talks for several years without any concrete results. We have various agreements that have not been implemented so far. Serbia has not faced any direct international pressure in order to make a final step in regards to Kosovo. I think the United States can compel Serbia to head in that direction”, says the Albanian MP in Serbia’s parliament.

According to Kamberi, the Serbian president’s remarks on refusing to recognize Kosovo are a part of his campaign, while the declarations serve as a coverup for other hidden objectives.

“He’s trying to play the role of the “tough guy” by using this rhetoric” while pointing out that the country will be heading to the polls next year. “I believe that their aim is no longer Kosovo, but trade through Kosovo in Bosnian territory”, says Kamberi.

Officials from the Presheva Valley have not received an invitation from Prime Minister Albin Kurti to provide their input on the dialogue, declared Kamberi on Balkan Talks, although appearing hopeful that this will occur soon.

“Presheva must be a party to the dialogue as discrimination is emptying the Valley”, warned Kamberi.

In regards to Serbia’s request for the establishment of the Association of Serbian Municipalities in northern Kosovo, the Albanian lawmaker sees it as an effort made by Serbia to create an autonomous entity in Kosovo’s territory, something similar to what Serbs have in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“They want something autonomous within Kosovo, which will have crippling competencies on the state of Kosovo”, Kamberi warned.

Asked on the role of the Biden administration at the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue so far, Kamberi described it as “tardy”.

“I think that the reaction of the Biden administration is tardy, while the engagement of President Trump has been seen as rushed. We expected a swift reaction, but now must await a well thorough preparation to lead to a final agreement”, concluded Shaip Kamberi.



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