“Disappointed if the EU doesn’t give us the green light”, says PM Zoran Zaev



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The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, said during an interview with journalist Franko Egro on Balkan Talks that he expects the European Union to keep its word, as the country has fulfilled all its obligations, including successful reforms and a multi-ethnic society.

“I hope that a decision is taken on June 22.  I expect the EU to keep its word”, said PM Zaev.

PM Zaev said he was surprised by Bulgaria’s veto, and explained that the reasons behind were not fully elaborated.

“The veto against North Macedonia came promptly and for reasons that were not very clear. Most likely it is due to an internal debate in Bulgaria, a debate between Bulgaria and the European Union, but perhaps even between North Macedonia and Bulgaria”, he said.

Asked by Egro on how achievable the “next European step” can be, Zaev responded “not simple”.

“It won’t be easy, and we are not raising our expectations as Bulgaria currently has an interim government, which according to the Constitution has total legitimacy and capability to take over such decisions. I believe that there is an opportunity to find a solution here”, Zaev said.

Furthermore, Zaev reiterated that he would be “disappointed” if the EU doesn’t give the green light to Albania and North Macedonia, adding that both countries have done a lot to achieve the reforms that were required by the bloc.

“I will be disappointed and completely broken. We need to work on the Europeanization of our countries, we are really committed and we really don’t need other disappointments”.

However, he described the European Union as the only remaining alternative.

“The EU is the only existing alternative, and no matter how disappointed my people and I will be, we have no other alternative,” he said.



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