“Kurti’s plan guarantees mutual recognition”, says Haki Abazi



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The Chair of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Committee of the Parliament of Kosovo, Haki Abazi, said on Euronews Albania’s weekly show “Balkan Talks” that Kosovo is presenting itself as a party at the dialogue and that PM Albin Kurti is in the midst of talks to achieve mutual recognition.

“Kosovo maintains its own stance and it’s a party at the dialogue. We are in talks to reach an agreement to establish a relationship with Serbia, in the sense that we have mutual recognition and not discuss domestic affairs or Kosovo’s status. The objective of the four points (presented by PM Kurti) is to turn the dialogue into an equal one between the two sides”, Abazi said.

He said that Kosovo will continue to be a constructive party to the dialogue process during the second round of talks.

“We will continue to be the constructive party and work intensively to reach a final deal. We cannot remain a hostage of Serbia’s requests, since we have been left out of the visa liberalization process, out of the enlargement strategy, and out of the opportunities of having stability that encourages foreign investors”, said Abazi.

For Abazi, PM Kurti’s proposal in signing a non-aggression pact will serve to allow Kosovo to function like every other independent state.

“I believe that after 21 years of freedom and liberation, it is time that Kosovo is allowed to function like every other independent state. It needs to sign a peace deal with Serbia”.

Asked on the stance that the government of Kosovo should maintain on the feasibility study sent by the United States, given that Vetëvendosje has opposed the Washington agreement, he also asserted that “it is not an agreement”.

“It is not agreement because it has not been signed by both parties in the same form and it has not been ratified by the Parliament of Kosovo”, said Abazi, adding that “The feasibility study will be taken seriously and analyzed in every detail”.



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