In focus: Kosovo elections, Prishtina – the main battlefield for VV vs. LDK match



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In last night’s Balkan Talks, TV host and communications professor, Resul Sinani, and editor-in-chief of ‘Frontonline’ news agency, Lavdim Hamiti, analyzed the current political landscape and their predictions for Kosovo’s mayoral elections coming up this Sunday, October 17.

Even though everyone might have been expecting Albin Kurti’s LVV to win the locals when they came into office after winning the general elections, voters during municipal elections are now more inclined to vote for the candidate rather than the party they represent, said Lavdim Hamiti.

Resul Sinani shared the same take, adding that according to him, the fact that LVV is currently in government, will have little to no effect. In fact, even in the past – he said – LVV has been able to do better in the general elections, compared to the local ones and voters have been more than able to draw a distinction.

In addition, analysts spoke about the current crisis, and the pandemic forcing campaigns to be held online, on social media, or TV, rather than outdoors due to the fear of another deadly wave of infections.

The participation in the race of well-known personalities from AAK, LDK and PDK, according to professor Resul Sinani, is a strategy to get more votes, as well as a “deception for the electorate”.

Moreover, he said that racing alongside these “heavy-weights” in the local elections will be tough to deal with.

The Commune of Prishtina is seen by both analysts, as the great battlefield, and at a time when all other parties have chosen to be represented by big names, LDK chose a candidate from the field of architecture and urbanism.

According to Hamiti, the biggest race is in Prishtina and LDK according to him, has chosen one of the best experts in the field but his performance hasn’t been the best, at least compared to the other candidates, which is most likely a result of his lack of experience.

“He has the best program compared to all the other candidates in the race for Prishtina and he is an expert in the field. After this great urbanistic chaos, maybe a candidate like Perparim Rama is exactly what Prishtina needs,” – he said.

In addition, Hamiti said that based on the polls, it’s possible for Prishtina to head for a run-off, but the chances of LVV’s candidate, Arben Vitia, to win in the first round, aren’t slim.

Sinani ended his statement by saying that seeing how Vitia – who served as minister of health, before running for mayor – handled the pandemic and all the public discontent he attracted in the past, it will be difficult for him to win without a run-off.



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