Kurti mustn’t forget that he’s the leader of an entire nation, not just LVV, says analyst



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Editor-in-chief of the news agency Telegrafi.com, Muhamet Hajrullahu, spoke on this week’s Balkan Talks about the second round of voting in Kosovo’s 2021 local elections, saying that it’s time for citizens to place more importance on the program presented by each candidate rather than the parties they represent.

During his conversation with Balkan Talks host, Franko Egro, the reporter emphasized that during the electoral process, political subjects made use of public resources. According to him, PM Kurti has become part of these local elections, promising LVV’s candidates his support, forgetting however that he is a leader of an entire nation, not just his party.

“There needs to be a clear distinction between the institutional stance and the political party stance because the promises made by Mr. Kurti and his administration should attend to the needs of all citizens of Kosovo, not only to his candidate, be it in Prishtina, Gjilan or elsewhere,” – said Hajrullahu.

The editor-in-chief of Telegrafi.com also noted that Albin Kurti’s LVV (Self-determination Movement) has distanced itself from other parties and hasn’t made any collations ahead of this second round of voting for the local elections.

“LVV finds it difficult to change after 6 months before the general public, even though local elections differ from political ones,” – he said.

In regards to the commune of Prishtina, he said that the lack of parks, schools, kindergartens, and spaces dedicated to citizens with special needs, are amongst the issues that need to be addressed by the new local government.

In addition, he said that it would be better for citizens to vote for the program and the candidate rather than the political party they represent.

LVV is heading to runoffs in 12 communes. It will be racing in Gjilan, Prizren, Prishtina and Gjakova – which are the main communes in Kosovo.

According to Hajrullahu, LVV will face great challenges ahead if it were to lose in these communes.

“If they lose in Prishtina, Gjilan or even in Podujeva, then you can’t really call it a victory of the Self-determination Movement (LVV),” – he said.

In Prishtina, LVV will face LDK and according to Hajrullahu, everyone will be waiting to see if Kurti will be able to keep the same votes as the previous elections or if LDK will be able to reclaim the votes they lost.



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