Zaev was pushed away by internationals and fear of VMRO-DPMNE’s landslide win, says analyst



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Professor of Political Sciences, Mersel Bilalli, said on Euronews Albania’s ‘Balkan Talks’ that after North Macedonia’s local elections, when it comes to the Macedonian parties, the opposition came out victorious whereas when it comes to Albanian parties, the opposition performed quite poorly.

According to him, under normal circumstances, the local elections shouldn’t be mixed up with the general parliamentary elections but the reality in North Macedonia is quite different, because the winners pretend that ‘SDSM has lost its legitimacy’.

Moreover, professor Bilalli said that the international factor played a determinantal role’ and that they have been sending ‘invisible signals to the prime minister, urging him to step down.

“The international factor has been sending invisible signals, saying that the prime minister needs to go because in reality, it’s very well possible that in the upcoming parliamentary elections – which might happen very soon – VMRO-DPMN can accumulate a substantial majority,” – he said.

This would in turn, devalue the Albanian factor in the country, which wouldn’t be the first time, as it’s happened before too with Nikolla Gruevski, who won more than half of the seats in Parliament, said Bilalli.

In addition, he emphasized that ‘the international community isn’t convinced that VMRO-DPMNE has completely gotten rid of the eastern element’.

The political science professor explained that this political force was born as a pro-western, pro-Bulgarian-orientalism party.

But ever since its first leader stepped down, it has manifested a pro-Serbian oriental approach, leaving the Euro-Atlantic integration objectives on the sidelines.

Lastly, Bilalli said that during Gruevski’s leadership, there was also a growing sense of nationalism and anti-Albanian sentiments, whereas the current leader, Mickovski is trying to make changes by moving away from extreme nationalism.



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