‘Montenegro could have an Albanian PM’, says URA representative



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Member of the Central Council of URA Movement in Montenegro, Ilir Harasani said that URA is directing its efforts toward the creation of a new government of minorities, that will have the support of other pro-Western parties.

This strategy, which is backed by the US Special Envoy, Gabriel Escobar, is expected to put an end to the destructive role of the pro-Serbian Democratic Front, which is currently part of the same coalition as URA.

In addition, Harasani said that in the agreement dealing with the formation of the new government, out of the total 7 political representatives, 4 are Albanian and under these circumstances, he didn’t exclude the possibility of Montenegro soon having its first Albanian prime minister.

“The agreement we have signed a week ago, is in my opinion the first step towards the future and formation of a new government, which will include all nationalities. Out of the 7 signatories, we have Serbs, Montenegrins, Bosnians and Albanians. 4 of them are Albanian. At this point, Albanians would get at least 2 ministers and even the prime minister could be Albanian and that would be a great achievement,” – said Harasani.

The member of the Central Council of URA Movement, stated during his interview for ‘Balkan Talks’ that there is a definite sense of confusion and disagreement amongst the current parliamentary majority. According to him, this was expected because the coalition allies hold different beliefs and ideologies.

“It is a confusing situation in the majority group and the entire Montenegrin Parliament. After a year and several months since the formation of our current government, we are seeing many disagreements amongst members of the majority,” – he added.



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