How open are Albanian citizens to the LGBT+ community?



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Less than 1 in 5 Albanians (16.4%) have had a social or professional relationship with someone from the LGBT+ community.

Even fewer Albanians would accept a member of this community in their families or work.

Under these circumstances, only around 1 in 10 Albanians would accept someone from the LGBT community as a friend (12.5%), neighbor (14.3%), colleague (14.7%), boss (12.9%), or family doctor (9.3%).

If we divide Albanians relative to age, younger generations are just as refusing of the LGBT+ community as older generations.

The same results were retrieved even when we take into account where Albanian citizens live.

The difference in how Albanians live in rural areas with those living in urban areas when it comes to how they feel about the LGBT community was also intelligible.

However, the education level of respondents made a big difference, especially when asked how they feel about having someone from the LGBT community in their social or professional circle.

Albanians who have only finished primary school are 20% more discriminatory toward the LGBT community than university graduates when it comes to befriending them or going to work with them.

When it comes to marrying someone from the LGBT community, however, the overwhelming majority of Albanians of every age and education level are just refusing.

Findings were provided for Euronews Albania’s Barometer by MRB and Data Centrum, through 1000 face-to-face interviews conducted nationwide from April 26 – May 7.




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