Fight government attempts to intervene in journalists’ job, says Matthew Caruana Galizia



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One of the first things to cross the mind when talking about crimes that went unpunished is the murder of Maltese journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, investigative journalist and activist fighting corruption in the country, who died in a car bombing in October 2017.

From that day, her son not only committed to carrying out his mother’s work but also pursue a fight to empower journalists in countries where their rights are at peril, including here Albania.

His appeal to Albanian colleagues is “fight to improve the situation in the media”, although adding that the government has an important role in creating a “favorable” and “non-threatening environment” for journalists”.

“In a majority of democratic countries, journalists are invited to important meetings to show that the process is transparent, that the government has nothing to hide. Journalists aren’t there to only transmit what is happening, but the presence of journalists in the same room with officials is a sign to all the public, that the government is not scared of being scrutinized”, said Matthew Caruana Galizia.

He said to have felt a sense of solidarity with Albanian journalists due to what he called “familiar problematics”, comparing present-day Albania to Malta in 2017, in terms of media freedom.

Matthew commended efforts taken by journalists in Albania but asserted that there is a difficult path ahead.

“I know that there are many journalists who are doing their best to investigate and report on current issues in the country and abroad. But the government is continuously putting sticks under their wheels, intervening in their ability to do their job as they should”, said the journalist.



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