Manjani: ‘EU needs to monitor Albania because ambassadors are strangling us, DP should prioritize negotiations’



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The Democratic Party shouldn’t demand reelections, said Ylli Manjani on Ilva Now, by ranking a list of priorities that DP and the opposition should have at this moment.

According to Manjani, a priority should be the reformation of the Electoral system, because even if the elections are repeated, as long as the system remains the same, we can’t expect different results. On the contrary, according to Manjani the same second result would serve as an alibi for the Socialist Party.

An intelligent political party should sit on a political round table in order to agree on the right direction, for the future of the country, said Manjani.

“If you repeat the elections with the same law, with the same system of fraud doesn’t serve anyone and it only serves the ruling party as it nullifies the alibi that they stole the elections. The electoral system should be drafted from the top; it should be a system that aims to make the citizens’ vote proportional,” stated Manjani.

The accession of negotiations with the EU, according to Manjani should be part of the process that needs to be followed by DP. According to Majani, the accession of negotiations with EU is urgent for Albania, “as we are in grave need of someone monitoring us.”

“DP should lead itself toward a political process. A major matter is the accession of negotiations and drafting of the electoral regulations from the start, because this system is rotten. This country needs negotiations because we are currently in our last limits. Even for the good of the country’s political interests, we need someone to monitor us because ambassadors are strangling us,” said Manjani.

However, Manjani clarified that the common aim of DP and DP to become part of the EU shouldn’t be understood as a grand coalition.

“DP isn’t in the right terrain to enter a coalition with SP,” said Ylli Manjani, adding that the elections for the local government should be held as soon as possible.



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