VV denounces electoral fraud through video footage, Abazi: SP-DP have a pact



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The leader of VV center in Albania, Boiken Abazi has denounced through two videos, the manipulation of vote ballots during the counting process. Abazi said that institutions don’t react, despite the denouncements made through proofs and evidence.

“In the video, you can clearly see the pen that someone uses to make markings. The prosecution hasn’t acted, SPAK hasn’t taken any administrative measures, CEC either. Those people could’ve been awarded for their work,” stated Abazi.

He also added that only in the electoral district of Tirana, there are over 5 thousand hours of video footage and there’s a request for human resources that needs to look through them in order to find the discrepancies.

“Making a marking on a ballot paper is a criminal offence and that person should’ve been in prison by now,” declared Abazi.

The leader of VV in Albanai also spoke on an alleged pact according to him, made between the largest political forces in the country, adding that this is can be seen clearly by the lack of denouncements.

“I personally do not know if that vote goes to DP or SP. That is beside the point and a secondary issue, but that act is a criminal offense and should be prosecuted. It is worrisome that the other parties do not denounce these cases and this shows that they are collaborating,” he added.

Bojken Abazi also added that in Tirana alone, they have denounced over 100 ballots, where markings or X-signs have been added onto the ballot paper after the fact. He also announced that CEC has settled on the first session for the evaluation of the denouncement made in the electoral district of Gjirokaster on Wednesday at 09:30 a.m., at a time when the denouncement was made since Monday night.



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