Bid to vet all politicians, Salianji: To address proposals of the Venice Commission



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Democratic MP, Ervin Salianji was invited on tonight’s ‘Now’ with Erla Mehilli, when he made the argument that the opposition’s proposal to begin vetting all politicians, alongside the judges, is in line with the opinions presented by the Venice Commission.

In addition, Salianji said that the opposition’s initiative this time goes in-depth and addresses some of the concerns raised by the Venice Commission.

“What we are proposing is a set of dispositions that have been generally extracted from the directives presented by the Venice Commission in 2018. There is a difference, however, insofar as our last proposal was concerned, where we hadn’t addressed the structure that would be conducting the vetting. Now, we are proposing SPAK, even though we are skeptical and have our own doubts about it,” – said Salianji.

The Democratic MP also noted that this initiative aims to do away with corrupt politicians and dismiss those connected to organized crime from all realms of public life.

When asked about the possible existence of a deal between DP and SP, Salianji said that even though ‘deal’ isn’t a ‘dirty word’, they hadn’t in fact been in contact.

“There hasn’t been any such deal between DP-SP. Lately, it’s like the term deal has turned into a ‘dirty word’ but no, there hasn’t been any form of contact,” – said Salianji.

Salianji also went on to say that vetting in the political spectrum would be very easy to accomplish and that it wouldn’t take up much time, seeing that there are only 140 MPs, 61 mayors, and other directors of important institutions.

Lastly, he added that there are politicians in the current Parliament that never say a word and who are direct representatives of criminal groups in the country.



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