Criminals have influential zones where police can’t break in, states former police chief



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Former police chief Shemsi Premçi pointed to a concerning figure of 22 murders during this year, where 80% are still unaccounted for.

According to him, “criminality no longer has a normal curb”, but raised the alarm on “a rising number of groups that are well structured”.

Referring to the murder of a businessman in the city of Fier, the former police chief said that the victim was not known as a problematic person.

“He wasn’t a problematic businessman and did not live under any security measures. We know that there are several organized crime groups in Fier that are constantly protected by bodyguards. He had a completely normal life, wasn’t hiding from anyone nor had a bulletproof car”, Premci said.

He also declared that the way he was assassinated implies that at least five people could have been involved, adding that the authors wanted to convey a strong message.

In addition, he pointed to the existence of influential zones where the police are unable to go in.

“Organized groups have been on the rise and it is up to the State Police to conduct an adequate analysis. I’ve said this before that a police officer cannot go to these heavily protected areas alone, like in the case of Nikla where the police can’t even go there, a special operation is needed and not just in Nikla, but in several areas in Albania”, concluded Premci.

Journalist Basir Çollaku maintained that there is a “partnership” between criminal gangs and the police.

“This form of partnerships is not vocally announced, but in reality, it exists”, said Çollaku, adding that this is being fostered by higher instances.

He also made a strong statement, that the entire narcotrafficking phenomenon is happening right under the eye of the police.

“Tirana is being surrounded by illegal weed growing houses. These things do not happen coincidentally and without permission”, he claimed.


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